St Austell Railway Heritage Trust

Promoting Our Local Transport Heritage



St Austell Railway Heritage Trust was started by a small group of people interested in our local transport heritage.
Our first aim is to restore the signal box at St Austell railway station and turn it into a small museum. This will also be the Trust's home.

Anyone interested is welcome to become a member of the Trust. We have talks, exhibitions, outings etc. It's not all railways as other forms of transport played an important role in our local heritage.

St Austell was once a thriving market town with china clay the main local industry, along with farming and fishing. Products were transported by road and rail to many parts of the country. Local harbours played an important part too in shipping clay to Europe and beyond.

Holiday makers travelled to and from St Austell by Motorail. Adjoining  the railway station is the bus station, now sadly a shadow of what it used to be.

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